Mose Toliver

I was out antique shopping the other day with my mom and June and found a new artist that I love, Mose Tolliver! Mose Tolliver, is a celebrated artist in the “Outsider Movement,” he died of pneumonia 2006. He was a self-taught artist using common house paints to realize his visions of birds, flowers, women and his well known self-portraits. Tolliver began painting in the 1960s and hung his paintings on trees in his front yard using dental floss or pop tops from beverage cans as hangers. I hope to someday own a piece


Dana said...

Hey Liz, his art is really cool. Are they expensive? How are you guys? Jillie just learned how to crawl over the weekend! I love this stage that shes in. Are you still doing design work for people?

Jill said...

really unique and just asking for questions. i love art like that.

{Liz Galvin} said...

It's somewhat affordable. $3,000-$8,000. I can't remember exactly how much these cost?