How To?

How to make a Bed? Of course it depends on the type of bed (king, queen, double, twin, bunk, baby) and the design of room. But, there are a few guilde lines that I like to go by and yes I do break the rules once in awhile.
1) Start with great percale linens. While working with Nancy Boszhardt & Bunny Williams Inc. we loved to use Casa del Bianco on Lexington and 65th street. They can do almost anything. Any custom boarder in any color you can imagine.
2) Wash (with your favorite detergent) & Press all Linens. This makes all the difference.
3) Place pressed fitted sheet on bed.
4) Place pressed flat sheet on bed. Make sure the top of the sheet hangs over the head of the bed about 1 ft. This will give you enough sheet to fold it down once you have your coverlet on. Do the triangle fold at the foot of the bed. Leave both sides untucked.
5) Place your favorite coverlet on bed. I like to use something that is light weight. You always have the duvet at the end of the bed if you get chilly. The coverlet should be about at the same place as the flat sheet. Fold coverlet down with flat sheet covering coverlet at the head of the bed. See images. I like to leave the sides & bottom untucked. But, yes it does depend on the bed. Some beds look best with everything tucked in. It really depends on the type of bed and it you have a bench at the foot of the bed. You just have to use your best judgement.
6) Then place (2) stacks of (2) queen pillows at the very head of your bed. They should not be sitting up right. They should lay as if you were using them to sleep. This will help the European pillows to stand perfectly.
7) Fluff (2) European pillows and place pressed sham on pillows. Put in front of queen pillows.
8) I like to place 1 or 2 decorative pillows in front of the Euros. I love Virgina Decescisso's antique pillows.
9) Then fold duvet at the end of the bed.
10) I like to place a throw on top of the duvet. To use for a quick nap during the day.
11) It's always nice to have a bench at the foot of the bed to place the pillows when you're sleeping.
Enjoy & Happy bed making!


Dana said...

Thanks for the tips Liz! I need them desperately.

Liz Galvin said...

You're very welcome!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to post this, so helpful.

Your blog stands out in a sea of the same.

Keep it coming.