Clean & Warm

This is such a quaint diminutive warm room that I wish I could take a little cat-nap in right now. It’s interesting to me how much warmth rich wallpapers can give to a room. I love the idea of keep a small space darker in color. It gives for much coziness. This is especially nice in a small bedroom such as this. Also, the bedding is quite simple. I have my particular way I like to make a bed but I love the fur bed spread simply placed on top. It looks clean yet warm--Love it.
Please note: this bedroom was designed & decorated by Jefferey Bilhuber.


Jill said...

that is really really beautiful. the colors are gorgeous & it definitely looks cozy.
i'm not a big fan of real fur, so i'm going to pretend thats fake just in case. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this room, it reminds me of a room my grandmother had that always made me feel safe.

Aimee Dars said...

I'm with Jill--faux fur it is!--but the room is lovely. Maybe post-tenure you can design a room in my house! : )

Ben & Liz said...

Oh, lets hope the fur throw isn't real.