Arranging Art

I like how all the art is framed and arranged in this little writing area. I love the use of different frame moldings arranged in an orderly fashion. I have always believed that there is strength in numbers. My husband collects art. I seem to always have an overflowing amount of art. We really try to switch it out on a regular basis but I am a believer that there are particular places for things. We aren’t the kind of people that always like to be moving things around. When it feels right, functions well & look aesthetically pleasing that’s usually the best design for the space. Don’t get me wrong I do like to switch it up every once in awhile. I really like this solution for arranging somewhat similar art. Remember to group similar art subject or matter together. Unity adds strength.


Jill said...

that really is beautiful, i love the colors + arrangement

annie said...

love this photo. great post and good advice. thanks, liz!